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Would your shop benefit from having its information on the web ?

Have you been putting it off, waiting for some free time ?

Maybe you've been burned by promises and no site creation ?

Or do you simply find it hard to justify a full blown, high buck design with high monthly fees ?

Smart Park is a great way to get you on the web for a very low price.
Quick and easy, it offers web surfers a chance to find your shop, get contact information, physical location and you have a chance to explain why they should visit your shop.

"Smart Park" has the same look and feel as a hosted web site, without the associated monthly fees and maintenance costs.

"Smart Park" sites start at $ 95.00 and come complete with domain name registration, 1 year hosting and custom designed pages using your copy.

Want to start smaller, but still want to secure a name and be listed ?
    Buy a Domain Name and Park Plus it for a total of $30/yr   show me

These configurations allow your business to get on the web right away without a major cash outlay
    Help me decide

All plans include email forwards to your current email from "info@yourdomain.com"   (actual account name is your decision)

Full Packages (domain name registration + SmartPark or Hosting)
  "Park Plus" "Smart Park 1" "Smart Park 2"
Domain Name

1 year, .biz, .info extra
Yes Yes Yes
Term 1 year 1 year 1 year
Your Logo ?
you provide
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Page ? No show me 1 page (Your copy) 2 pages (Your copy)
forwards ?
2 5 5
Can I modify html ? No No No
Uploads to sites are done by UnderwaterUSA, PrePaid fee structure applies. You can provide finished updates to us for posting
Can I move my pages
to another host ?
Yes Yes Yes
YOU own your registered domain name and can move it to another host at any time
(note: registrars may lock down a name just prior to annual renewal date)
No refunds on unused portion of hosting. Most registrars extend exisiting period plus their 1 year minimum .
Annual renewal fee
design updates not included
$ 30.00 $ 35.00 $ 35.00
Pkg Price $ US
Order Now
Check or MO via USPS ?
payable to: Ed Bell
PO Box 553 Colchester VT 05446
ParkPlus + Domain
SmartPark 1 + Domain
SmartPark 2 + Domain
Note: PayPal no longer requires membership to place orders

 Pricing Detail
Domain Name Registration
Domain registration
.com , .net , .org , .us
$ 15.00
1 yr term   Other lengths available.

 I recommend going initially with the minimum term to get your feet wet.

  When the site comes up for renewal, decide then as to if the name meets your needs and consider a longer term renewal
Domain registration
.biz , .info
$ 25.00
2 yr term
Name Redirection     **(domain name registration not included)**
Domain redirect Add $ 10.00 1 yr Want to register multiple domain names and point them to another web site.
Name Parking     **(domain name registration not included)**
Park Plus$ 15.001 yearyour logo, text page of your basic info, 2 email forwards
Smart Park$ 20.001 yearSame as "Smart Park" with 5 email forwards
Smart Park Design1$ 80.001 yearSame as "Smart Park Plus" with 1 custom page design.
Smart Park Design2$ 110.001 yearSame as "Smart Park Plus Design1" with 2 custom page design.
Note:   Information edits to Smart Park sites are done by UnderwaterUSA, PrePaid fee structure below.
Initial Page Design
Custom Page Design   $90.002 custom pages (your logo, your copy) What do you need to provide ?
  $60.001 custom pages (your logo, your copy)

 PrePaid Site Support



Time is tracked and deducted on a per minute basis.

Support should be purchased only when you know you need some work done.
Prepaid support time will be valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Rule of thumb :
simple text change to the site ~5 minutes
add/delete of a small part of the site ~ 15 minutes.

TOS highlights: NO spam !!!! If you decide that unsolicited commercial email is your best bet for advertising, it would be best to find other hosting. Using web mail to spam, or the placement of your your email or website info in UCE will constitute breach of the TOS terms, the hosting account will be shut down and no refund will be offered.
Why ?
#1: my TOS is that of the folks who run the servers.
#2: I will not risk the performance of everyone else residing on the server
What best fits my needs ?

Park Plus If you simply want your "name" on the web, with one or two matching email addresses, Park Plus will meet your initial needs.
It is like many of the the Dealer Lists with text contact information.
Park Plus does what many other parking offers do : secure your domain name. Many simply put an "under construction" statement and place their name in HUGE letters.

What makes Park Plus unique ?
If you send me a logo I will display it on your parked page.
Unlike many of the parking options others offer, I don't use your domain name to sell rotating banners on your site.

Note: I do place a link to the   UnderwaterUSA site :             site by UnderwaterUSA.com

A basic "Park Plus" might will look something like this

Smart Park If a base Park Plus is less than you want for your "public face", the Smart Park package looks and feels like a normal web page. It can display all the information one normally expects to see at the index.html page. The Smart Park Packages include custom designed page(s) where you can fit all your who, what, when, where, why and how information.

Smart Parks are a great low cost solution and are best for sites just starting and you do not want to update the site yourself. All Smart Park updates are performed by UnderwaterUSA and the charges are paid with pre-paid minutes on the Hosting order page.
Note: if you or someone else provide the actual updates, we will only charge for upload and test time est ~5 minutes for most

All packages can be upgraded to meet your needs

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