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Drysuit Talc Bags "Pro" Bag
  hook and loop closure for easy refilling.

        filled with 3 oz of pure unscented talc

        Sewn in the USA

Underwater USA

  Humminbird Side imaging


My 898c SI was my first boat mounted sidescan capable unit that had the features I was looking for at a price point I could justify that was a reasonable replacement for my towed Wesmar sidescan (SSHD700SS). Technology has changed, competition is greater. I admit to not having the opportunity to compare the current capabilities of the Mega units, 360 scan against others such as Lowrance, as I look at a possible upgrade, I still am leaning toward the Humminbird product line for what I want to do and see. Please look at all available products out there and find the one that fits your mission and your funding, including any cost to include bathymetric mapping, sector scan, post processessing capabilities. Good luck, you can get lost with all the variations and options out there.

Phoenix  - image by Ed Bell
Sonar Image courtesy of Ed Bell / UnderwaterUSA.com
refillable talc bag
Refillable Drysuit Talc Bag
3oz VT talc
Vermont pure talc
Pure Talc Refill

Diver Held Sonar
Shark Marine "Navigator"

        multi-freq sonar and 5" lcd screen provide target location up to 200M
profiling and scanning modes, 1.GMhz Pentium, 30gb drive

Shark Marine


Leisure Pro has a wide selection of brands and good pricing,
in case your local Dive Shop doesn't have what you need
diver sonar

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