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Drysuit Talc Bags "Pro" Bag   with hook and loop seal for easy refilling.

Designed by a Diver for Divers

        filled with 3 oz of pure unscented talc

        Sewn in the USA

Pure (unscented) Talc helps prevent latex and rubber seals from sticking to itself, makes it easier to slide into drysuits or other restrictive seal sports gear.
Talc absorbs moisture, and helps prevent chafing.

    Uses :

  • Drysuit Seals (Diving, Water skiing, Kayaking)
  • Billiards - dust cue sticks
  • Shuffleboard
  • Plumbing : track leak source
  • Anywhere you want to control the application of pure talc


  • Talc is USP grade: Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic
  • Tested for Asbestiform Minerals (None Detected)
  • Talc is by weight not volume.
  • Bags are white fabric
  • Bags are made by hand and are subject to variations in size and appearance.
  • Bags average size : 3 - 1/4" x 5" (+/- 1/4")
  • Cost effective: refillable
  • All prices include shipping in the U.S. !!!
talc bag

Talc Bags and Talc refills are now priced "postage paid" we ship PPD to U.S. addresses only

6/19/12 If you are in Canada, the cost to ship across the border is prohibitive. I no longer ship outside of the U.S., sorry.

Note: if you do not receive an email within 4-5 days of your order, please verify we received it and it hasn't been caught in someone's spam filters. Normal time to ship is 2-3 days from order receipt and we always send an order status
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talc bag

Pro Bag 3 Oz Pure Talc
Pro Bag & Talc
    hook and loop
  refillable bag

     w/3 oz Pure Unscented Talc
$15.95 ppd
Pro bag
    w/3 oz Pure Unscented Talc
S&H code = ppd to US
Talc Refills & Bulk

The BC grade ore mined in Vermont is no longer available.

I have found an equivalent BC Grade (Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic) talc processed in the US from ore mined in China.       Talc specs

Chinese Talc Refills & Bulk

    8 ounces
Talc 8 oz                compare to "other" 8 ounce
S&H code = ppd USPS US

    80 ounces   (5 lbs)

USPS priority is ~$14 for the 5lb of talc
Talc 80 oz
ppd to U.S. addresses only
pay via PayPal
All prices in U.S. funds         note: not responsible for typographic errors or price manipulations

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